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Food Maker:  It is the plus to your recipe

From 1995 Foodmaker is dedicated to the production and trading of blends , additives and food ingredients , with target to create high quality products for food industry.

Having a deep knowledge, experience in food industry and working closely with our clients we are in position to assist them to the development of innovative products, provide technical support and fulfill their needs with functional and not only ingredients .

The company

FOOD MAKER Ltd was founded in 1995 by George Genaris , food industry chemist , and George Leontiou, food technologist. Their long-term occupation in the food industry has provided them with experience and excellent knowhow of production processes.
In parallel being specialized in the production of food additives and auxiliaries provides them with the necessary knowledge to develop and design new and innovative food industry products.

The company produces and trades food ingredients, blends, spices, seasonings, and stabilizers. Marinades and coating systems are also included in the list of products. All these products are essential ingredients for the production of food, especially sausages and meat-processing products, for industrial application, restaurants, butchers, foodservice industry, etc. Additionally to the products own produced Foodmaker trades and distributes top-quality products from the best and largest foreign firms, covering every need of its clients.

The new generation of founders, studying in chemistry and food technology and their manufacturing experience already build , prepares them to take over the business and continue to deserve the work of its predecessors.

The establishments / Facilities

The production activity, logistics and offices of Foodmaker   housed from 2011 in a new, privately-owned facility of  1,600 sqm  on a plot of 4.050 sqm , in the Industrial Park of Markopoulo, Attikis , Athens.

Our facilities include state-of-the-art machinery and equipment for blending , packaging and warehousing under the appropriate conditions of humidity and temperature.

Certified HACCP ensure the production of safe and healthy products in accordance with the requirements of  National and European legislation.

Quality control of the raw materials is applied continuously to secure the safety and quality of the final product according to specifications standards. Finally emphasis is given to the implementation and application of a traceability system.

Foodmaker with a working force of 15 people has a human resource with excellent scientific training that allows them to meet every customer’s requirement.