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Ready Solutions For Butchers & Food Service

Although a big number of the products can be used from food service we designed these mixes in several variations to be ready for use from the professionals in food service, including seasonings, stabilizers and all rest ingredients. This line of products is coming in convenient packages from 1 to 5kg.

  • Combi mix for Beef Burgers

  • Combi mix for Chicken Burgers

  • Combi mix for Kebab

  • Combi mix for Meatballs

  • Combi mix for American Burger

  • Combi mix for Sheftalia

  • Combi mix for raw Sausages

  • Combi mix gyros pork

  • Combi mix gyros chicken

  • Seasoning mixes

  • Décor mixes

  • Coating systems mixes

  • Single Ingredients, spices, herbs, dehydrated vegetables

  • Potato croquettes mix

  • Cheese croquettes mix